MVR Pro Series Medical Video Recorders

Cutting-Edge Medical Video Recorders that are Feature Rich, Yet Very Easy to Use

The premium-quality MVR Pro medical video recorders are easy to use and come with advanced patient workflow capabilities that are essential for sharing between health care facilities, surgery centers and operating rooms for post-surgery review, conferences and archive storage.

New Features Released

  • Automatic Video Repair
  • Archiving, Editing and Reporting
  • IT Remote

MVR Pro Demo

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Simple, Built-In Touch Screen

Each recorder comes with an easy-to-use, built-in touch screen with intuitive icons. The icons also display when connected to external touch-screen monitors, making the recorder both versatile and easy to use.

They are light weight, rugged, and the compact size fits easily on any medical tower set up.

MVR Pro 4K using Touch Screen

Stunning Picture Quality with Choice of HD or 4K Ultra HD

Both Full HD or stunning 4K Ultra HD versions(*) are available to serve the specific needs of surgeons and surgery centers.
(*) coming soon

MVR Pro 4K
MVR Pro 4K

Full Network Workflow Connectivity

The advanced network connectivity, including WiFi and Bluetooth, makes it easy to access and retrieve patient information and to transfer and store video files. A DICOM option will be available.

The MVR Pro is the "complete package" with the ease of operation and functionality that comes with its own monitor and intuitive icons, stunning resolution and network patient workflow options.

MVR Pro Displaying Network Settings

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